Please see below links of companies we work with.

  • The Natural Order

    The Natural Order

    Physiotherapy helps you restore movement and function when you are affected by injury, illness or disability. At The Natural Order we offer a wide range of services aimed at restoring your health, rehabilitating you from an injury and preventing future issues.

  • Canterbury Osteopathy

    Canterbury Osteopathy

    We work with our patients in a partnership: listening to them; including them in the choice of treatment; empowering them to feel more confident about their day to day movement and health. As osteopaths we use gentle techniques to help reduce pain, increase strength and mobility, and ultimately help our patients to feel more comfortable.

  • Team Buckley

    Team Buckley

    The Team Buckley therapists work with a diverse range of clients, from elite athletes to those that are less active, with our oldest patient being 97 and the youngest being a few years old. We have a variety of therapists, covering a range of different treatment methods, meaning that, where necessary, we are able to combine therapies to achieve the best results.

  • R&D Physio London

    R&D Physio London

    At R&D we are extremely passionate about improving your health and getting you to perform at your very best, whether it be competing in high levels of sport or to be able to be more active with your kids on the weekend. We guarantee to provide you with a thorough assessment and effective treatments backed by the latest research and proven results.

  • Canterbury Healthcare

    Canterbury Healthcare

    Canterbury Healthcare is an established counselling practice based in Canterbury, Kent. We provide counselling for a wide variety of issues and are one of the leading resources to offer help in the area of addictions.

  • David Goodlad Counselling

    David Goodlad Counselling

    Providing Counselling in Canterbury. David helps clients with even the most troublesome of concerns. From the loss of a loved one to secretive online use, from affairs to habits that are out of control. His counselling helps all types of people change and improve their situation. David has excellent counselling programmes to help you change and improve your situation.

  • Until


    UNTIL is the home to London's top health and wellness professionals. Flexible access to London’s best facilities, powerful business support services and a thriving community.