About KP GP Services

There is nothing more valuable than experience, and our combined 20 years working under the NHS certainly left us with plenty of that. We have experienced first-hand the miracles that the healthcare industry facilitates on a daily basis. But our time working in both private and NHS practices in and around Kent also served to highlight the aspects of the healthcare industry that we felt had some room for improvement; particularly the relationship between patients and their GP.

We decided that it was about time that we did something to confront these issues, and the result, is KPGP. One of the first and most important lessons that a career in healthcare teaches you, is the value of relationships. One of the fundamentals of this new service is the building of these patient-practitioner relationships, so that we can assess and treat every patient on an individual basis; as more than just a number. It benefits all patients to have one doctor for the duration of their healthcare. Someone who knows your medical history as well as they know you. That’s why we offer a personal doctor service as standard.

We understood that one of the other main constraints felt by patients was time. A lack of time allocated for appointments and lengthy waiting times for said appointments, present some of the biggest obstacles to providing effective healthcare. So we decided to take a new approach, by putting speed and efficiency at the centre of what we do. Faster responses to appointment requests, and more time spent in those appointments not only leaves our patients with a better healthcare experience, but also the most effective one.

Shorter waiting times, better communication, and bespoke treatment plans in a service that’s both accessible and affordable. Armed with a wealth of experience and with these ideals in mind we set about founding this innovative new service. The first step was finding the perfect location. Finding a premises in central Canterbury was important to us, as we wanted to be able to give back to a community that has given so much to us.  Our clinic is in a purpose built medical facility in Canterbury ensuring that we are as accessible as possible to people in the area. This means that we can provide vital health and wellbeing checks, blood tests and all the other services that make a local GP invaluable to a community. But this was a service that we felt the entire county could and should benefit from, if we were able to put together the right platform. Our online service enables us to conduct video consultations with patients no matter where in the country they are based increasing the reach of the KPGP approach to taking care of you and your health.

We work in health care because our passion is helping people, and with the creation of this new service we are now able to help people, in the best possible way.